Master Sio Welcomes You!

*** Paying It Forward On My Birthday, July 2nd!
Through 3 different platforms broadcasting simultaneously, I was thrilled to help hundreds of people worldwide to heal themselves:
My Tailwind Birthday…the morning after!
Golly, my mailbox is choked with unsolicited grateful emails from listeners to my “Pay It Forward” healing broadcast July 2nd. People tuned in from as far away as Iceland, South Africa, Europe, India, Australia and throughout the US.
Thank you all for the privilege of serving you.
Just a tiny sampling:
1. …profoundly powerful. The lower back and hip pain that has mysteriously plagued me for the last month or so appears to be gone! I experienced a palpable reaction each time you put the ‘punch’ into the treatment. Absolutely amazing, and again – I can’t thank you enough.
2. My back pain lessened after all-day pain. I didn’t want to move. I’m new at all this but I adored listening to your voice tonight. Thank you and I hope to talk to you soon.
3. You do amazing work! For some reason, I always have body jerking reactions. I look forward to more authentic healing sessions. I need to keep up with this work as it is so beneficial to me. Just wanted you to know I had the deepest, and more importantly most productive sleep I have had in a long time last night. Thank you!
4. Our two dogs literally went into a deep sleep as soon as they heard your voice. They were both in need of healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
5. One friend’s husband with Lymphoma in the hospital said he felt energy moving in his body and enjoyed it.
6. It was such a relaxing experience that even my cat joined me in bed & purred & fell asleep on my chest as we listened to your soothing voice.
7. As always, it was very relaxing, and freeing. The healing with my inner child was especially powerful and moving.
8. I tried this and it was awesome. I saw blue, green and pink lights, and surges of energy throughout my body. Wow!
9. I definitely felt your energy just like I did at your classes and private sessions. Thank you!

Archived copy of radio show:

Thank you one and all. You made my Birthday!

Master Sio

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So here you are! Welcome and thank you for stopping by.

You are here because you need help, are seeking help for someone else, or just out of curiosity.

This website contains the information most visitors need from me, without fanfare and fluff.

My name is Master Sio Mangisi, a fellow human being blessed with the sacred Polynesian gift of healing that is genuine, powerful and effective. Healing is now my life’s purpose.

Much of my work has been with traditional physicians (MDs), noted professors of medicine and world-famous physicians on the cutting edge of integrative medicine. One of these doctors has frequently been on DOCTORS-TV, ABC, NBC, CBS, LA Times, etc.

These doctors’ approach to healing sits squarely between traditional Western medicine and the ancient wisdom of the East. They include MDs, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, energy healers and nutritionists.

I am a shaman/kahuna (native healer) from Hawaii, where I studied with several indigenous healers on all islands. I am also a Master of Medical Qi Gong and a certified instructor. Born in Tonga, I spent my younger years there and in New Zealand and Hawaii.

During the healing sessions, I focus intensely on charged sacred words stringently guarded in esoteric Polynesian spiritual circles to enhance the potency of the experience. I transmit these sacred words from my Third Eye to yours.

Although I believe that in-person healing sessions are the most effective, I have many happy long-distance clients in the US and foreign countries thousands of miles away. The miracle of healing originates from the same Source, variously called Great Spirit, Higher Self, Creator, Inner Power, Allah, Gaia, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, etc. Source knows no boundaries when it comes to healing. Innately, you already know this.


Like a physician, a plumber, a mechanic or an attorney, healers have basic expenses like everyone else. Generally, healers live more frugally than most visitors to this site. Fees are very reasonable given the effectiveness of the spiritual work. Group sessions are even more affordable at only $20. Please look under “Healing Sessions and Events.”

Healing others is Master Sio’s greatest desire, surpassing material riches and worldly pursuits.

He also performs a number of free sessions as a service to the community, usually for poor elderly people and the homeless.

Some healers perform elaborate rituals evoking Shakespearean drama and kabuki theater. Others require the repetitive recitation of exotic phrases, chants and songs.

Like a mother’s limitless love for her child, Master Sio’s gift is majestic in its simplicity, overwhelming in its power.

Ultimately, it is you who does the healing. Master Sio merely takes you to a place of serenity and heightened spiritual awareness where you can do this. You realize and accept that you are indeed an aspect of the Creator. You are more powerful than others have told you, and can therefore begin healing yourself.

No, Master Sio cannot make you look 24 if you’re

67. Nor can he make you run a marathon tomorrow if you’ve been a couch potato your entire life. To maximize your healing benefits over the long haul, you must change your negative habits. 
Under the Kahuna Healing Works button above, you can read more about my healing modality and training.

Master Sio urges you to follow your doctor’s advice, keep taking any medications as she/he directs, and look on his services as an adjunct or complement.
More than self-praise, the Testimonials page gives you a better idea of Master Sio’s results. These are just a handful from hundreds I’ve received over the years.
Lest others’ praises go to my head and I would start holding forth in that Great Man way, my mother cautioned me long ago that there was one less Great Man in the world than I might think. So, I’m just an ordinary man with an extraordinary gift to help others heal themselves. 

And, yes – all little aches & pains in the body have vanished. I now know what Bliss feels like. Wow!  Who does that in one session? Thank You from my Heart.” Kathleen C. Jan.8, 2011



Please feel free to call or email Master Sio if you have questions or comments, contact:

Master Sio
Cell: 424.744.6439
Thank you, be kind to yourself and others, be cheerful and remember to smile and laugh often.

LaR_Gwen_032609.resized.JPG.opt378x283o0,0s378x283Left to right: Geomancer LaLisa, Master Sio and Dr. Gwen Ross blessing special pendants and clients’ names in Book of Prayers in Kona, Hawaii. 2009.







in gardencrp.JPG.opt418x315o0,0s418x315Tending to the sumptuous sprays of flowers in my garden. The love between us is profound and mutual, and we talk all the time.







Matt & Sio Xmas 2010.JPG.opt456x337o0,0s456x337My bro Matt (left) and I exuberate over our Christmas presents. Life is short, isn’t it?







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DISCLAIMER: Master Sio Mangisi is a Hawaiian kahuna or spiritual/energy healer, not a licensed medical doctor. He energetically assists others to heal themselves. Hawaiian Kahuna Healing is often used in addition to a doctor’s medications. As with conventional medicine, Kahuna Healing cannot guarantee any specific results. Acceptance of healing service inherently includes this Disclaimer.

What Clients Say:
"When I met Master Sio I had to rub my eyes because I saw a golden-yellow light around him... it dawned on me that I was able to see his aura. The sessions were incredible and left me feeling invigorated and happy. My asthma had been bothering me after an allergic reaction to seafood and after the session I was able to breathe easier. I recommend Master Sio highly and without reservation. He is simply one of the most powerful energy healers I've ever met."
-Simmi Goyle, M.D., March 8, 2011

From a Reiki Master with 10 years experience "... And then my body started expanding. I felt like my body was moving like a snake. My kundalini was activated. And then I saw images, colors, had a very strong vibration in my whole body. My head was moving. Then it got heavy. I felt your energy. I saw myself being a man. And then I saw 2 women that I know, but it's been a long time since we saw each other. And I am not in contact with them at the moment. After that I felt that something left my body. My stress, my worries were gone. It felt nice and peaceful, relaxed. I was in a really great mood. I loved the whole experience. Especially when you were singing I felt that my body couldn't stay still. The energy was going very strongly."

"I tried Mahikari healing, Kabbalah, Reiki, Kundalini. I'll be honest - I never experienced anything like this. And next time I will bring my other friend. I want people to feel that energy that goes through You!!! Its amazing! Thank you again!"
-Lana , August 23, 2011

"I could slowly feel ALL of my aches and pains subsiding and before I knew it I was sound asleep." - L. April 7, 2010. (This healing was performed long distance from LA to Kona, Hawaii)

"My body was totally relaxed and moved under its own free will. I could feel stretching in my arms as they rotated in a windmill motion... I thank GOD for the incredible gift that you have been blessed with." - M. March 13, 2010.

"I'd not slept well for months since my cancer diagnosis. The first night after Sio passed his hands over me, I slept 10 hours, got out of bed the next morning and did laundry, fed the kids, went shopping. My husband was astounded as I had been bedridden for many weeks."- D. March 21, 2010 (Los Angeles)