Why You See Colors During Healing

Why You See Colors During Healing


Hi Everyone,

Many of you see colors during our healing sessions. Each of the seven major chakras is represented by a color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet… and sometimes a huge bright white light.
The white light represents your Highest Self, the Universal Mind, God, or other name given to the original Source.
When you see colors during our sessions, match it to the color chart of the chakras and know that some sort of work was done in that particular area for the highest good.
Rather than explain the colors myself, let me refer you to another website which has done a great job of it in terms everyone can understand. It includes descriptions of the chakra colors and what the chakras control/represent.
If you don’t see colors during the first session, not to worry. Some people take two or more sessions before they start seeing colors. Other people never see colors. It is possible, as with dreams, that some people just don’t remember everything that occurred during healing. Whatever the case, healing has occurred at some level.


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What Clients Say:
"When I met Master Sio I had to rub my eyes because I saw a golden-yellow light around him... it dawned on me that I was able to see his aura. The sessions were incredible and left me feeling invigorated and happy. My asthma had been bothering me after an allergic reaction to seafood and after the session I was able to breathe easier. I recommend Master Sio highly and without reservation. He is simply one of the most powerful energy healers I've ever met."
-Simmi Goyle, M.D., March 8, 2011

From a Reiki Master with 10 years experience "... And then my body started expanding. I felt like my body was moving like a snake. My kundalini was activated. And then I saw images, colors, had a very strong vibration in my whole body. My head was moving. Then it got heavy. I felt your energy. I saw myself being a man. And then I saw 2 women that I know, but it's been a long time since we saw each other. And I am not in contact with them at the moment. After that I felt that something left my body. My stress, my worries were gone. It felt nice and peaceful, relaxed. I was in a really great mood. I loved the whole experience. Especially when you were singing I felt that my body couldn't stay still. The energy was going very strongly."

"I tried Mahikari healing, Kabbalah, Reiki, Kundalini. I'll be honest - I never experienced anything like this. And next time I will bring my other friend. I want people to feel that energy that goes through You!!! Its amazing! Thank you again!"
-Lana , August 23, 2011

"I could slowly feel ALL of my aches and pains subsiding and before I knew it I was sound asleep." - L. April 7, 2010. (This healing was performed long distance from LA to Kona, Hawaii)

"My body was totally relaxed and moved under its own free will. I could feel stretching in my arms as they rotated in a windmill motion... I thank GOD for the incredible gift that you have been blessed with." - M. March 13, 2010.

"I'd not slept well for months since my cancer diagnosis. The first night after Sio passed his hands over me, I slept 10 hours, got out of bed the next morning and did laundry, fed the kids, went shopping. My husband was astounded as I had been bedridden for many weeks."- D. March 21, 2010 (Los Angeles)