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During our very first session, your Spiritual Energy will be activated or further awakened.

This is a sacred energy which is idle at the base of the spine until activated, usually after years of meditation, yoga exercises, by near-death experiences or by a master/guru. Yours will be activated while you “take a nap,” a calm and effortless experience. In some sacred writings, this Spiritual Energy is referred to as the Refiner’s Fire or Kundalini.

The medical profession’s most popular symbol (caduceus) is derived from the concept of this energy being the primary guide to good health – spiritual, mental, emotional, physical.

When activated, this energy ignites healing phenomena spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Some of the healings can be dramatic and instant, others more subtle over time. We should always be grateful for whatever level of healing we receive.

Highest benefit comes from having ZERO intentions and NO specific expectations.

Listed below are some of the signs which clients may typically feel. Everyone’s experience is different, and some people feel or recall anything from zero to most of the signs listed below.

With each session and with your own meditation practice, you increasingly realize how powerful you are as a spirit, leading to not just higher states of enlightenment but also to greater material and other abundance. New friends show up, positive career changes occur, more abundance rolls in, etc.

Once your Spiritual Energy is activated, your life lessons come at you with rising velocity. The process has its challenges and some people revert back to Ego and its fear, anxiety, worry and so on. Regular meditation also helps keep you calm, stable, and spiritually and physically on course.

Clients have enthusiastically reported improvements on physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and other levels – ranging from dramatic to more subtle over time.

The following applies to both in-person and distance healing sessions (phone, Skype, prior arrangement via email, etc). We can send healing energy to anyone even without their knowledge, for example a person in a coma or an infant.


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You will be registered and receive a link to connect to each healing webinar in your subscription period. will send you at least 1 email reminder prior to each healing webinar.

Click on the provided link to access the healing webinar.

Note: Your healing webinar link is unique to you and cannot be shared with anyone else. The link allows only one computer or phone number to access.

I am not a physician and will not give you medical advice. My work is spiritual (energetic) and complements other healing modalities. It will not do any harm whatsoever. I suggest you also consult your physician and follow their directions.

Distance healing requires that you observe and describe to me new sensations which you’ll be feeling. After a short while, we will hang up and I’ll continue to send you energy. You should continue to sit or lie still for as long as feasible. We stop talking so you could better process the work in a state of undisturbed, deep relaxation.

Few minutes of meditation followed by the actual healing. Best to sit or lie down comfortably. Have no specific expectations or intentions. Just observe various sensations without trying to direct the Sacred Energy in any way.

With your participation, you agree that the healing session is an energy/spiritual exercise only and is not meant to treat, diagnose or mitigate any medical condition. For serious health issues, please consult your medical practitioner.

Let me know if I can clarify anything further for you.

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