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I AM Prayer for Million $

The “I Am” Prayer for Million$ is on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Alexa and 150 other platforms worldwide.

For example: You can tell Alexa, “Alexa, Play Master Sio” or “Alexa, Play I AM Prayer”

*Please do not play this audio while driving or operating heavy machinery or in any situation requiring your full attention.  Thank you.

Master Sio’s voice carries primordial love and healing frequencies which he has consistently used as a Master of Medical Qi Gong and a Hawaiian Kahuna Healer. His healing voice and meditations are sometimes further enhanced by adding other natural healing, love, and abundance frequencies.

Master Sio’s video and audio products may include 528 Hz (love and healing), 417 Hz, 888 Hz (for abundance), and 7.83 Hz (for grounding). Some people believe that his voice alone may induce drowsiness, visuals, and hypnotic effects. He promotes love as the primary virtue for healing, and that in order to heal oneself, one must love thy self first.

Medical Qi Gong, a 4,000-year-old energy system, is incorporated in all of Master Sio’s meditations and used to promote better health and spirituality, by directing energy to flow more harmoniously throughout the body.

How is The “I Am” Prayer for Million$ Working So Far for People?

“I have been listening to the “I AM” Prayer for Million$ for over 17 days and can say that my energy is always shifted each time I listen to it.  I owe it to this prayer for helping me to turn negative energy around each time, and as a result, I am able to attract prosperity to my life.  I have to say that you must be open to giving as well as receiving.  Once you become greedy, it will not work.  Learn to accept God, and what the universe gives you.  Let the energy flow through you and pass it on to others as well.  Blessings and prosperity will come to you when you are not expecting it.”


“Thank you so much, Master Sio. I did notice money and jobs coming in, right after listening to the prayer. I got 2 cream sales for the big size, and a few acting offers!! I have always believed in your work. Lots of Love…”
“My 2 cats and 2 dogs love to listen, also my children and husband. It’s like family movie night, although The Prayer is only 18 minutes! It is powerful.
“The pets are getting along better, mostly calm and not tearing things up, same as my kids. And my hubby has been more loving and kind and suddenly stopped drinking altogether. Wow.”


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