by Grandmaster Fan Xiulan

(Hands Always on Hips Unless Otherwise Indicated.)

1. Foot massage.  –  Left foot slightly behind Rt foot.  Lift heel, weight on ball of foot, roll outward, press down/roll back on side of foot, press down on heel.  3X’s

Turn foot on side, roll forward to toes, then roll in & down. 3X’s    Repeat with Rt foot both ways.

2. Knee Bends – Feet together, bend knees, tilt back, look straight ahead, keeping thighs and upper body in straight line.  3X’s.

3. Stand on outside of feet, bend knees, straighten up, weight on both feet. 3X’s.

4.  Knee Circles – 3 circles to the Rt.  3 circles to the left.

5. A. Feet close together, bend knees, open knees apart, pause, straighten up.  3X’s.

B. Feet close together, open knees and bend, close knees, then straighten up.  3X’s.

6. Hip circles – feet hip width apart, circle hips to Rt 3X’s, hip circles Left 3X’s.

7. 3rd Finger in chest cavity between 2nd and 3rd ribs, close to breastbone (sternum), bend knees, circle elbows up so outside of hands brushes face as reach chin up then down to chest and drag it back to original position 3X’s

8.  3rd Finger in chest cavity elbow circles Rt  3X’s.  Elbow circles Left 3X’s keep head straight. Moves make a Figure 8 pattern.

9.  Gather Chi, ending at dan tien w/ Rt hand closest to body below navel area (left for men), left over, push chi in.

10.  HAND EXERCISE (good for carpal tunnel). Hand open palms upward at sides, bend in each finger consecutively 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 as turn fist to the back.  Release fingers 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  Relax hands, repeat 3X’s

11. Bow and arrow – one arm outstretched palm up, thumb up, rear hand side of chest palm open, thumb down, spiral to other side, switch arms, looking forward 3X’s (ALTERNATE ARM POSITION – rear arm bent overhead, palm faces outward)

12. Arms fully extended to sides, level. Keep spine upright. Push each hand alternately, palm pointing out, fingers to sky as far out as possible without moving spine. You should feel your shoulder blade stretching away from your spine, opens back. 3Xs each side.

13.  Hands over kidneys, bend knees, jut chin out and as you straighten knees drag chin in and up along your chest, to repeat 3X’s.

14. Side bends. Arms up parallel above head. Rt side bend, side bend left side, 3X’s each side

15. Forward bend.  Keeping arms above head, lock knees, bend forward at hip, reach arms out to touch the floor, drag fingers on floor toward you, up feet, legs, body, turn outside of hands together at dan tien, fingers pointing up. Continue hands up behind ears, turn palms forward as they go overhead. Repeat 3X’s.

16.  Bring hands down from overhead to dan tien, Rt close to body (left for men), left on top.  Push chi into dan tien.

17. Gather chi 3X’s, pushing chi into dan tien.

18.  Rub palms together, massage head, ears, face, scalp, neck, down chest, trunk, front of legs, up back of legs, trapezius, down each arm (turning over as you go down).

19.  Chest slapping, slap down body, front of legs, up back of legs, trapezius, down each arm, turning arm as you go.

* Hands in prayer pose, bow and smile to instructor and everyone else in class.